Sunday, January 31, 2010

Six Senses Sunday #2

* My name through the trees! It's on a U-Haul van that was used to move really obnoxious neighbors out so I was pleased to see that van for 2 reasons. As you can imagine, I rarely see my name in New Mexico...Canada, Paris, even at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas but never in New Mexico!
*The most amazing sunrises and sunsets walking to and from the bus stop most days.
* Old photos that I've taken in January past. Only the one above was taken this year, but all of these were taken in a January.

*Many more birds in the trees, Grackles singing me to the bus stop in spite of the gray sky every single morning lately, beautiful sunrise, gray sky...
* Random bits of Eric Clapton on some commercial. I finally saw it today and I love it!
* Vague songs in the background in restaurants...and then I have to figure out what it is and then it stays in my head for the rest of the day...why do I do that? Makes me crazy!

* The feel of paper in an old book. I read the same book every year in the fall and this year I got distracted and just finished it this week. My copy was published in 1958 and has a whole different feeling than the new books I check out from the library.
* The sun on my face for the few minutes it was out today. As soon as it shone through the window, I was outside. I've missed it so much this week!
*The difference in tissues, some of the cheap ones are more like #2 sandpaper! Can you tell my allergies are out of control...again...

* The first asparagus of the season! I try hard to eat seasonally but come was $1.99 at Sunflower...and it's spring somewhere right? It was so delish and such a change from cabbage, cauliflower and frozen stuff...that seasonal/local eating is important to me...except for salmon and mangos and ... okay I'm a firm believer in the 80/20 theory of eating
* A new kind of apple to me...Jazz. It's no Honeycrisp but it's not bad
* The comfort of Earl Grey and not even minding that it is decaf...
* An especially wonderful bruschetta with blue cheese and spinach...who knew?

* Frustration at not being able to control a medical condition. I should be able to do that right? I mean it is my body so I should have control over it!!!
* Delight in knowing I get to go to class one more time and sad that it is ending. I have really had a good time with Cynthia Cook and what a great teacher she is. She does a little talking, gives a demo of something, lets us try it and work on our own and is available to answer any questions. And then she does more talking or another demo to answer the questions. She learns from us as well and it has been a great experience.

* Freshly ground nutmeg in my oatmeal
* Leaves that are rotting, getting ready for spring
* The powdery perfume someone wears at work that sets off my allergies...
* Really beautiful lilies in the grocery store, smelled like summer somehow.

Thanks to Melanie I have been enjoying doing these six senses. It feels like an expansion of Christina's simple things activities and my grace in small things. I like it!

3 comments: said...

love love love this

m. heart said...

Asparagus?! Spring?! I'm really jealous now ; )

Allegra Smith said...

Oh twin! we too had asparagus the other night, tired of the cauliflower and broccoli although I love anything green and/or white. Yes, Spring is on its way, I got an e-mail from it yesterday in the form of some green stirrings in all of the Hydrangeas. And Barry found a perfect Gardenia in bloom in the greenhouse. Hugs from here, thinking of you.