Monday, October 6, 2008

Does anybody know?

have you seen this bush before? We found it at an artist's house on the Guadalupe Trail Artist Studio Tour yesterday. She said it was there when they moved there and she really didn't know what it was. Another woman's guess was some kind of Sumac. It is so unique and purple! The tour was really fun, lots of great art, really nice people, some mud, good conversation, quick trip in the middle to Walgreen's for camera batteries. Everyone seemed to have dogs and I got a lesson in tools for blacksmiths. It was so interesting since I had just watched a PBS show on Samuri swords and how they crafted them to be so sharp. I even had intelligent, well semi-intelligent questions to ask and could understand some of the answers. More pictures later but I really want to know what this bush is.


Stephanie said...

No....I don't think I've ever seen the purple berries.

Come over for a visit...something you may be interested in:)

Paula Scott said...

That bush is on campus and for years I wondered what it was. I found a book that says what it is, but I have to go hunt it down and look it up as I can't remember what it said it was! I need YOUR memory!