Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Seasonings from Fort Collins

The Pope Box - Pamela Milld

Jonny Wright

Corazons - Linda Folkerts

High Fashion - Judy Vandegrift

Prayer box #1 - Jeff Miller

Life's Passion - Christine Webb

Loyola - Sandy Ackerson

Sonadora - Sandy Ackerson

Man of the Earth - Sara Hanlon

Reliquary - Brenda Stumpf

May - Pamela Milld

Amour Eterrno - Paula Giovanini-Morris

My apologies if I spelled your name wrong or labeled them incorrectly!


Stephanie said...

These works are just JUST splendid!! I'm sure I missed this but...are these all in Bellvue?

I haven't been to Bellvue since my late 70's college days in FT..must go!

Christine Webb said...

Thanks Leau for the great plug for our art exhibit here at The Artists' Nook in Bellvue Colorado!

We got an awesome write up in the local paper. Here is the online link:

Paula Scott said...

I couldn't decide which one is my favorite if my life depended on it! They are all fabuloso!

Fireblossom said...

I am just having a ball looking through all of your wonderful pictures here!

You know I especially loved the skelly whose body was a sangria bottle, just like i mentioned in my poem! Cool bones! Er, I mean, beans!