Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Staying on Task...or not

On Sunday morning Laurie and I got up bright and early, well not so bright but definitely early to search for Smithsonite. There had been an amazing rain storm on Saturday night - a gully washer! so we were hoping that some overlooked Smithsonite had washed down the arroyos from the mine at Kelly and we would find a giant piece so we could both quit working and "be" artists!

Now I know what Smithsonite looks like, I have a small piece Jimmy gave me last year and I salivate over a semi large piece they have on their window sill. I've read all about it. (This image is from my visit to the Mineral Museum at NM Tech.) I love the look of it and it possibility of it funding the lifestyle to which I would like to become accustomed to was enough to get me moving. Okay really? I just like rocks!

Off we went down the road, parked next to the mill ruins and decided to take separate arroyos to make sure we covered all the run off areas and the search began.

Apparently I immediately forgot what the task at hand was because this is what Laurie brought home...

and this is what I brought home. Do you see any blue in there? Other than the reflection from the bucket they are in? No? Me either. I picked up red ones including one that looks like a polymer clay creation, green ones (greener when wet) shiny ones (yes, I was a crow in another life) white ones and even one that looks like a mesa. I also found a bone, a cool piece of rusty metal and took several pictures.

Staying on task isn't all it's cracked up to be, right?

I was still rewarded with amazing home made maple scones. Cool.


Paula Scott said...

Yummy to it all!

eb said...

oh my! - my kind of girl - rock hound...

these are yummy - do you know about the herkimer diamonds?

xox - eb.