Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Book

My son

Years ago I started
My Book of the Dead
to try and work through with some of the grief I was experiencing.

While it was more of a scrapbook than an art journal, it gave me great comfort

and I'm thinking I should work on it some more with all those that have gone on since I did these pages.


best friend

a sister I never knew.

Kind of like paper alters.

While I have made many alters since then to celebrate the Day of the Dead, these were my first attempt to honor those who have gone on. So now I will use what I learned and know to be true about connections and really celebrate all those that I love with a special Dia de los Muertos party this year!

Keep watching!


Paula Scott said...

Waitta minute!! This wasn't here last night!
Oh, how precious these are. I can see Donnie's personality so much in that photo! So easy to hard to loose.
And your Daddy. How I dread that day when it will come for me.
I can't wait to see what you do with these with all that you've been garnering along the way here.

That House said...

So many der ones you´ve lost. These pages looks beautiful. And what a PERFECT idea to make a precious, personal book of the ones that are no longer here!!