Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mystery solved

My dear friend, Trina discovered what the beautiful purple berry bush (from a previous post) is!! It's called the...are you ready? A Purple Beautyberry Bush!! How cool is that? Actually. it's considered a weed. but hey one man's weed is my beauty bush!

I am in CO to take a workshop from Kathyanne White so I am sure tomorrow's post will be full of wonderful things. but I will leave you with yet another picture from my fun time in Magdalena and Socorro.


Laurie said...

oooohhh -- the link said you can plant it in semi-shade under tall pines or in full sunlight. Maybe it would even grow in Hop Canyon. I think I'll have to try and find some.

Glad the mystery has been solved. :)

Christina said...

I have a love for butterflies, like no other. This made my night, to see your beautiful pic of this monarch.