Friday, October 10, 2008

Road Trip!

Hi there, I am in the lovely little community of Magdalena, NM enjoying the company of my dear friends Jimmy and Laurie, eating sushi and nachos, drinking excellent coffee and tea, learning to do transfers and using them to cut stamps and !!!!!!! touring the VLA (very large array, did ya see Contact?)Yeah!!! I even got to climb up all the way into the dish of one of them - see all those stairs? And there were ladders too- and see the world from a very different vantage point. Unfortunately the wind was really blowing (blew the clip out of my hair!!) and so we didn't get to stay very long but it was AWESOME. And I am going back...
And tomorrow, or maybe the next day, I'll show you my transfers and stamp. Too much for one day!!!

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Paula Scott said...

I am feeling very left out! Happy and envious at the same time! Sigh...wish I was there!