Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grace in small things...12-19-10

1. Small beings dressed up for the holidays to excited to sit still
2. Benoit Mandelbrot and fractals! My new science crush - sorry Al- no wait, he's all about fractal geometry so he can be my math crush...whew! I'm dying to go to the First Friday Fractals now
3. Learning even more about about Synesthesia- went to a great lecture at the museum today in conjunction with the exhibit Sensory Crossovers. It closes on January 2 and is one of the best they've had. Okay, so this has been my geekiest weekend...ever! PBS is my new BFF
4. Not every poinsettia in town in real...
5. The internet and being able to connect/communicate with people far away and to share their day.


Von said...

Yes, yes and yes!! Fractals have long been a favourite...does it make me the oldest geek in blogland?
You've checked out Flickr for some great factal groups?
Can't sit still hey, I remember all that.Magic! Happy Christmas.

elaine said...

Jim has also been dying to see the fractals shows... maybe we can go together sometime :)

Stephanie said...

Your grace in small things is a touch of genius.

It's the small things, always...