Friday, December 31, 2010

Grace in small things...12-31-10 as the year ends...

there are more exciting adventures just it was the Bodies Exhibit!

things are not always as they seem

those crows! even more come every neighborhood must have that mark because they are every where...I feel so fortunate they let me close enough to photograph them

amazing sunrises...unbelievable light

flaming desserts in the company of good friends - and no, I did not eat any of those bananas... they were quickly moved to the other side of the plate!

It's been a year of extremes...
the death of one of the best people I know...the birth of a darling baby boy
really good times with my family...really bad time in the hospital
learning to appreciate an old friend in a new way...and finding out someone I thought didn't have a mean bone in their body could be incredibly cruel

I look forward to the new year as a time of
interesting times with old friends,
enjoying new friends and
learning to live my small but deep life to the best of my ability

I wish for you
everything you want the year to be and
even some surprises to keep it interesting!

smooches my friends...smooches!


Von said...

And to you, happy days.

Parabolic Muse said...

How lovely. Thank you. All the best of the new year to you, too!

It is hard to say goodbyes, and sweet to say hellos. It's hurtful when people show such coldness, and so wonderful when they surprise us with generosity!

Be well!

moongipsies said...

wondeful post my friend...

Parabolic Muse said...

Hey, by the way, I saw that Bodies exhibit. Wasn't it great?!