Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grace in small things...12-22-10

1. I get to work with these goof balls! Today was dress up day since nothing says holiday like flannel and bandannas...we just hoped no one got shot when they left for lunch...

2. A bit of a bug has taken up resident and so today I am grateful for ginger ale and chicken noodle soup...without the chicken...or the noodles

3. A random act of tea delivery!

4. Knowing that I have the next 4 days off...count them F O U R!!! yay time off!!

5. And the best for last....7 boxes of Polaroid film!!! I know!!! I'm a lucky girl!!! and thank god I have exclamation points so everyone will know exactly how excited I really am...


elaine said...

so awesome!!!

Hope you get to feeling better :)

Allegra Smith said...

Oh sweetpea, must we do the same thing ( I hope you are not doing this) at the same time? Just found out I have walking pneumonia, Cipro and rest and trying to keep fire inside the chest down. I know I will have to die to feel better, this time for real. Coughing is akin to tossing a razor blades through my throat. Enough of this.

Rest, take care of yourself, I fear our Christmas plans here are in suspended animation, like the awful meds I have to take every so many hours. Love you, please be well. We shall dance ourselves into the new years...I hope :)