Monday, December 20, 2010

Grace in small things...12-20-10

1. A touch of spring in the air on the first day of winter
2. The lunar eclipse! and the hope that it will be visible tonight
3. The solstice...a new start and the return of light...yay light!!!
4. Candy cane Hershey kisses...I am sooooo glad they are only around once a year
5. Seeing the people who love this season with such joy in their eyes.


elaine said...

love you back... andhopefully watching the solstice Lunar Eclipse at the same time you are <3

Allegra Smith said...

Coming here to see your soul across the ether it is not a small thing, yet it is filled with grace.

You are special, and dear and I wish I could sit with you and watch the Moon go and comeback to tell us both that everything we see is beautiful because we see it through each other's eyes.

Love as always, always.