Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grace in small things...12-23-10

1. A murder of crows swooping in and landing all over the place.

2. Right out side my door. Lots and lots of them...

3.In the most amazing light...and dark...and light sky

4. As if this is where the party is...cawing and swooping and talking amongst themselves.

5. A good day...feeling apple added to the broth/ginger ale menu.

6. There is still this smell in the air and a softness about the light that is addicting. They feel it too. I know they do, I heard them talking about it...loudly.


elaine said...


eb said...

the crows talk to me too
they call
their habits have shifted
since winter

thank you so much
for the bd wishes,

xox - eb.